How To: Live Colourfully All Year Long

April 21, 2017

One of the main mantras here at Pureology is to “live colourfully.” For us, that means eating well, staying active and focusing on self-care. To keep this mantra, we came up with unique ways we could live colourfully throughout the year. 

Whether it’s giving back to our communities or breathing a little deeper during our yoga sessions, there are several ways that we plan on bettering our journey through wellness and getting better hair while we are at it. 

Want to follow along with us? Read on to find out how we’re living colourfully in 2017. 

January: Violet


Throughout the month of January, let the colour violet inspire you to focus your thoughts inward. 

January is known to be the time of resolutions and refinement, which pairs perfectly with violet’s colour theory. 

At the beginning of the month, set goals that you would like to fulfill by the end of the year. Whether they are big goals like working toward a promotion or smaller like drinking more green juices, it’s up to you!

Once you decide, write them everywhere. From your bathroom mirror to your personal journal, be sure to carry your goals with you and let them guide you throughout your wellness journey.

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Hair Challenge: To start of the new year, try a new hair colour or style that you never thought you could pull off. Lavender hair, anyone?

February: Red


Love is in the air in February, so our colour of the month had to focus on all things love. 

This month we’re choosing to go out of the way for the ones we care about and remembering to surround ourselves with things that bring us total joy. 

So, go ahead and call your parents, make dinner for your loved ones or treat yourself to an at-home spa day. Whatever you do this month, make sure to consult your heart first.

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February Hair Challenge: Since we are seeing love at every turn this month, try loving your hair as well. Treat your hair to a weekly masque like Pureology’s Softening Hair Masque to help replenish and restore your strands

March: Peridot


By March, we all tend to start slacking on our New Year’s resolutions. While we aren’t judging (we’re guilty too!), this month is the perfect time to revisit our personal wellness goals. 

That’s why we chose peridot, a light green colour to pair with this monthly inspiration. Light green tends to remind us of the early days of spring and that winter will actually end; both reminders to find your focus. 

Let March be your month for some total spring cleaning – for your space, your mind and your body. This month we are choosing to clean out our closets, revamp our homes and get back to the yoga mat.

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Hair Challenge: To keep with our theme of spring cleaning, we are choosing to deep clean our hair as well. So in March, we are choosing to refresh our scalp and ends by using Pureology’s Purifying Shampoo to help remove any buildup from our hair.

April: Rose


As our lives tend to get more and more hectic throughout the year, we thought April was the perfect time to stop and smell the roses. 

Throughout the month of April, allow yourself to step back from the day-to-day madness and schedule time for yourself. Wine and sweatpants are totally recommended.

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Hair Challenge: As we plan to take the ultimate chill pill this month, we thought it would be great to do the same with our hair. One of our favorite ways to do this is by using haircare products with calming scents like Pureology’s Strength Cure line.

May: Orange


The month of May is all about empowering your professional life. 

As orange is the colour of enthusiasm and success, it’s the perfect inspiration for focusing on a more powerful you. Start off the month by taking charge of a new project at work, signing up for a coding class or even working toward learning a new language. 

Let this month reinvigorate your passionate spirit.

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Hair Challenge: An empowered woman needs empowered hair. Turn to volumizing haircare products throughout the month to give your roots the boost they need.

June: Green


As the summer begins, we are planning on getting back to nature. We’re choosing to garden more, waste less, and move our workout session outdoors. 

Any way that you connect with nature this June is a powerful way to help invigorate your own wellness.

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Hair Challenge: Throughout the month of June, we are ditching our hot tools and embracing our natural hair texture. This month we’re looking forward to air drying our strands and letting our hair do its own thing.

July: Light Blue


This July turn towards water and it’s healing energy. Whether it’s taking a dip in the pool or simply bringing your water bottle everywhere you go, let water reenergize and awaken you this month.

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Hair Challenge: From chlorinated pools to salty ocean waves, different forms of water can really take a toll on our hair, so we are choosing hydrating hair products to bring moisture back into our ends.

August: Indigo


As Indigo is the colour of our Third-Eye Chakra, we thought it was perfect for the end of summer. As the season ends, take the time to open up your own inner Third-Eye and allow clarity back into your life. 

One of the best ways to do this is by writing down your thoughts and feelings about the day. Journaling allows you to reflect back on the happenings of your life and gives you a clearer perspective on the world around you.

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Hair Challenge: A clear head definitely pairs well with refreshed hair. Give your hair the boost it needs by using Pureology’s Colour Fanatic Spray to heal your ends and protect your hair from future damage. 

September: Teal


As the colour teal is associated with Ovarian Cancer awareness, September is all about giving back and remembering to care for those around us. As students are going back to school and family life is getting more and more hectic, be sure to carve out time this month to volunteer with some of your favorite charities.

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Hair Challenge: Did you know that Pureology supports Ovarian Cancer and that teal is the official colour of this cause as well as one of our favorite Pureology haircare lines? It’s true! Tag @pureologycanada throughout the month to show us your favorite products from our teal Strength Cure line.

October: Pink


This month it’s all about girl power! Let this be the month that you look out for your fellow women. Head to brunch with your besties, participate in charitable runs or dedicate your time to a local women’s shelter.

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Hair Challenge: This month we are falling in love with our selfies. Snap a picture of you and your favorite gal pals and share it with us on Instagram!

November: Yellow


Yellow, the colour of our Solar Plexus chakra, is often associated with happiness, empowerment, and vitality. This month look back on things you’re thankful for and keep trying new ways to better your personal happiness.

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Hair Challenge: Happy hair, happy life—am I right? Give your hair a confidence boost by using haircare products that help to add brightness and shine to your strands.

December: Platinum


This month let the colour platinum inspire you to feel both strong and confident in your decisions. As the year as winding down, we often can become stressed and frustrated with things around us. The colour platinum is a reminder to stick to your intuition and remember just how powerful you are.

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Hair Challenge: ‘Tis the season for great hairstyles. This month we’re promising to go above and beyond by creating fun and unique holiday hairstyles for all of our holiday get-togethers.  

Looks like 2017 is going to be our most colourful year yet!

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