7 Gym Hairstyles That Are Actually Cute & Easy To Do

March 13, 2017

Not all gym hairstyles are created equal. Look great and feel better during your next workout with one of these cute and totally achievable sporty hairstyles. 

We’ve all been there—stretching into our downward dogs only to catch a glimpse of our sad gym hairstyles in the studio’s mirror. It can be disheartening and not to mention a total distraction when you should be focusing on balancing and breathing. 

 Keep your mind focused by opting for a cute (and easy) style next time you hit the gym. Whether it’s a simple side braid or an over-the-top topknot, your gym hairstyle should look as good as you feel.  

 Don’t know where to start? Here are seven looks to add to your gym hair roster.

1. The Rope Braid

Short on time? Try a quick and easy rope braid. 

  1. Start by pulling your hair into a sleek ponytail and securing your ends with an elastic. 
  2. From there, take your ends, divide them into two sections and twist those sections around one another until you run out of hair! It’s that easy. 
  3. Secure with an elastic and finish with a Strengthening Control Hairspray of our Colour Stylist Collection to smooth any flyaways. 

Hairstyle done by Pure Artist Alexa Hamilton

2. The Accessorized Topknot

We’re not going to lie – topknots are the OG gym hairstyle, however, you can spice them up by getting creative with your bobby pins. Whether it’s a star, a triangle or fun emoji, bobby pins are a create way to add some visual interest to your gym hairstyle. 

Hairstyle done by Pure Artist Tara Deslauriers @tarad_hairstylist

3. The Dramatic Ponytail

Call us crazy, but sometimes our everyday ponytail just doesn’t cut it. Give your pony an unexpected twist by adding a braid.

  1. Start by applying a Texturizing Sea Salt Spray  of our Highlight Stylist Collection throughout your ends to create texture and give your strands some extra grip. From there, tease the crown (the top) section of your hair for added height.
  2. Next, take a two-inch section of hair and begin braiding from your hairline to the ends. Secure the braid with a small elastic.
  3. Lastly, gather everything into a ponytail and secure with another elastic.  This ponytail not only looks great but helps to keep all of your hair out of your face so you can really focus on your workout. Voila – a perfect braided ponytail. 

Hairstyle done by Pure Artist Sebastien Leclerc @lestailleurscoiffeurs

4. The Double Buns

Now, here’s a look that will definitely get you noticed during yoga. This double bun hairstyle is cute and so easy to do. 

  1. Start by dividing your hair into two sections. From there, spray each section with a Lightweight Hairspray for extra grip. 
  2. After you’re done spritzing, take your first section and twist the hair tightly. 
  3. Once you have it as tight as you like, wrap the hair into the bun and secure at the nape of your next and repeat on the other side. It’s that easy.

Hairstyle done by Pure Artist Ruby Fernandes @rubyelectrahair

5. The Braided Messy Bun

While this style may seem complicated, it’s actually pretty easy to do if you know how to French braid. 

  1. Simply start by flipping your hair over and grabbing three small sections of hair at the nape of your next. 
  2. From there, begin a French braid and work your way towards the crown. 
  3. Once you’ve reached the top of your head, gather the rest of your hair and wrap it into a simple messy bun. Now, you have a cute, sporty hairstyle that your gym partner will drool over. 

Hairstyle done by Pure Artist Manon Viau @momosa_25

6. The Low Messy Bun

Here’s a hairstyle that’s perfect for that workout where you’re trying to find your inner Zen. This low messy bun couldn’t be simpler to do and looks great on every single hair type. 

  1. Start by adding texture to your strands with a Light sea salt spray and creating a low bun at the nape of your neck. 
  2. To give the look some adding flair, gently pull the hair at your roots up slightly for some extra lift and volume. 

Hairstyle done by Pure Artist Jessie Richardson @jessiestylist

7. The Braided Ponytail

  1. For this easy look, start by gathering your hair into a high ponytail and securing it with an elastic. 
  2. From there, divide your hair into three sections and create a simple braid. Once you’ve to reach the end of the braid, add an elastic to hold the style. 
  3. Worried about flyaways? Tame those stray hairs in place with High-hold Hairspray to set the look. 

Hairstyle done by Pure Artist Tara Deslauriers @tarad_hairstylist

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