4 Beautiful Bridesmaid Hairstyles

July 05, 2017

It is wedding season! 

And of course, no wedding would be complete without getting all dolled up. To help you out, our incredible Pure Artist Manon Viau has put together four flawless bridesmaid hairstyles to get you and your girls inspired for the big day.

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1. Flower braid half-up half-down 

IMAGE: Manon Viau @momosa_25
  1. Spray an amount equivalent to one or two pumps of Colour Fanatic on damp hair.
  2. Apply Root Lift Mousse at the roots and on the lengths to give hold and volume.
  3. Blow-dry, then section hair horizontally into two sections. Bring the upper section into a ponytail.
  4. Curl the lower section with a 1 ½-inch curling iron.
  5. Braid the ponytail and give it a tousled look to add volume.
  6. Make the braid look like a flower by winding the hair loosely. Pull a few strands out to give it an effortless look.
  7. Secure with bobby pins. Finish with a mist of Strengthening Control hairspray.

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2. Low side bun

IMAGE: Manon Viau @momosa_25
  1. Make a ponytail on one side of the head.
  2. Pull a few strands out to give the braid a little volume.
  3. Wind hair to create a bun, securing with a few bobby pins.
  4. Finish with a mist of Colour Stylist Strengthening Control Hairspray.

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3. Low chignon with braid   

IMAGE: Manon Viau @momosa_25
  1. Braid hair on one side of the head.
  2. Give the braid a tousled look and a little more volume by raking your fingers through it.
  3. Wind the braid to create a bun, hiding the ends inside the bun. Secure with a few bobby pins.
  4. Finish with a mist of Strengthening Control hairspray.

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4. Braided ponytail 

IMAGE: Manon Viau @momosa_25
  1. Starting at the occipital bone, French braid the hair, leaving a small strand out of the braid at the nape of the neck. Secure with an elastic.
  2. Give the braid an effortless look and a little volume by pulling a few strands out. Put an elastic in the middle, near the head, as you would when making a ponytail.
  3. Section the loose hair into two parts, winding them around the second elastic to cover it completely. Secure by tucking the hair under the elastic.

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